Forelock negli ultimi anni ha dimostrato di essere la voce più promettente del reggae italiano: con le  numerose collaborazioni, nate a seguito dei suoi ultimi viaggi in Giamaica,  si è conquistato il titolo di “Top Singa” dai membri della comunità reggae, italiana e non solo.

Nel 2008 Forelock entra a far parte della famiglia Arawak, diventando una delle voci della band, oltre a curare la parte compositiva e i testi dei brani.

Nel 2013 entra a far parte del progetto “Dubfiles”, sotto la guida artistica di Paolo Baldini, in cui intraprende rapporti collaborativi con importanti nomi quali Mellow Mood, Sr. Wilson, Andrew I, all’interno dell’ Alambic Conspiracy Studio.

Il 2015 è l’anno in cui l’avventura Forelock & Arawak inaugura il proprio debutto, partendo da “Zero”.

L’album uscito il 4 dicembre 2015 per “La Tempesta Dub” e prodotto dallo stesso Paolo Baldini porta Forelock sui palchi dei maggiori festival europei.

Nel corso del 2017 Forelock è ospite speciale di tour internazionali insieme a stelle del firmamento reggae come Luciano the Messenjah, Johnny Osbourne, Assassin AKA Agent Sasco e Randy Valentine.







Original Style

Well dis ya original style aah yeah

Talk to the yutes inna mi yard about

Dis ya original style aah yeah

Talk to the breadreans out a road about

dis ya original style aah yeah


Juggling juggling with the melodies me know how fi juggle

ku pon your ears me got more power than a buggle

when you receive my style and pattern tune up da vibe and mek me sprinkle it

you know how fi follow my forelock when me go fast it never simple

dis ya not a lyric dis ya not a sound test

membah me tell you so

a di moment we ah di best

from di north to the south

from the east to the west

ride on depon my groove it a come straight out a mi chest


Subliminal over the lyric hear the style it ah go hit you all

rhymes I collect and shoot like gun but me nah criminal

watch when I write them down in a cyrcle I drow a mandala

Yess I me care about feelings cause me also spiritual

me know seh it value more than gold more than a million dollars

and whe me jump on stage heart beat it nah regular

I man never care ‘bout regularity I care ‘bout reggae originality

One time two times three times say we name

Arawal already set up music scheme ya

One time two times three times hear me again

Real rebel warriors depon the scene ya

One line two lines three lines watch ya dread

Nah need no more fi show dem how we’re brilliant

One sound two names three lines me ah representing fi di yutes outta Sardinia!

Rasta say no!

Wickedness in Iya places go away … Juba Lion … Rasta say no!


We’re tyred a di wickedness we’re tyred a di sufferin we ah leave

too much confusion out there

we’re tyred a di wickedness we’re tyred a di sufferin we ah leave

Spread Iya love out there



Rasta say no

To all the false guide s dem I&I a mek dem lose control

you haffi know babylon system forced a lot of rules we must response to

so tell me how? Well how me people see the problem and a act like them don’t know

but right ya now, stand up and fight fi your equal right wicked dem we ah burn down



We wrestle not against flesh and blood bud against principality

Against the power of the wicked

Against the ruler of the darkness

Of this world

Against spiritual wickedness in high places

Wicked man go away



I man chase righteousness me memba those teachings that mi mother and mi father gave me

I man a try fi spread better messages like the ones me waan hear talkt by mi children

No head manipulation inna we life dem nah reach me so you better follow me and do the same thing

hear me seh

we got to find our happiness even when the life is getting sad.



Take heart to your self youth and you

Behold armor of his majesty

Stand firm anchor the lion

With the breastplate of righteousness

Teaching the youth dem the truth

So they may stand against the wicked men

When they come along

Wicked man go away and stay away

Dem fi know

Iman a fight dem we nah surrender, don’t say what a pitty

Bored to be forced as a victim a dem iniquity

As long a dem a players in this game me cyaan quit it

How long we waan be prayers while we suffer by the wicked

Call dem contract’s murder dem nah look fi risources only evil ah guide them like fancies party protect the ravers

(Hey you!) Bulshit inna dis business while people dying for deseas. Nah let destroy dem wishes now


Dem waan fi know now wha gwaan

Inna di system dem a sitting pon them safe gold throne

Dem fi know now wha gwaan

Inna di city all a shine when dem come around


Dem waan fi tell us bare lies yess in life nah waan we fi rise but we shall rise up and open up your eyes to see all bullshit and tricks whe we buy following the fashion industry life

Inna dis ya life whe we fight fi modernize modern mothers dem nah care ‘bout them childs

In the future need fi know how fi survive

give dem yutes dem knowledge give dem chance fi rise up



Iman a fight dem we nah surrender, don’t say what a pitty

Bored to be forced as a victim a dem iniquity

As long a dem a players in this game me cyaan quit it

How long we waan be prayers while we suffer by the wicked

Call dem contract’s murder dem nah look fi risources only evil ah guide them like fancies party protect the ravers

(Hey you!) Bulshit inna dis business while people dying for deseas. Nah let destroy and waste no people whishes

yes, we need no preachers! Nan turn me back on my bredreans we ah sons of a world ruined by ambicious leaches

we need survival teachings we nah waan no more speaches just truth I man a talking me waan mi people dem fi listen I know seh

No one knows

No one knows how fi overstand my feelings

No one knows yeeeyeeh

No one knows how fi overstand it

No one knows.


Mental orders dem come from above

Any human’s breath could be allowed

I can feel my self falling through my blood

Dem nah know wha the meaning of love

So me a seh Faya pon who waan fi let me go

Love and consciousness stand for all

Dem nah know wha me a looking for

Burning and rolling like a fire ball

Over everything I ever put my soul

But I cyaan tek mi thoughts under control

Too much bullshit dem filling up my brain

I can feel it deep through my veins

Nothing even time is on our side

But me have no doubt anymore inna mi mind

No one knows I’m sure and I’m waiting for one answer more!


There’s something more whe you don’t kno

More than what you mind ever look out

Some of those thought bring me down

Me a stop searching if I will find out

Wha in a mi life it mek me shout out

What mist over my sight like a blackout

Continually round the clock you fuck about

Me say nothing knock dem self out let me sing you that again.


It’s Arawak

Global BackFire

Look out a mi window yute dem fighting fi dem freedom still unknown who’s maneuvering dis kingdom

tell dem we haffi mute dis world a lyers first of all di false prayer a and society vimpires

me nah let dem give me suffer every day I getting tuffer

yess a blaze it up mi fyah stronger dan a candle snuffer

word me a go write down inna row

I man a nah clone from me born and grow no one let me down that’s why I sing so


Everyday me a try fi move my self out a di scheme ye ye yeeeeh

Everyday a step away the dream mi woulda live ye ye yeeee


We fall in to a

Globally backfire me say Global back fire

we all living in a

Global backfire me say global back fire


How long we’ve been living inna land

where it hard to overstand

ka weh you smart you gonna banned

that’s why me start shouting as a rebel

tune it up di level a di lirical devil yeh

we cyaan have da same opportunities

truth it is not at all about abilities yeh

dem know how to speak

how fi trick we easy and

when you try refuse it dem drive you crazy


Move out a di system

it ah treat you like a victim

nevah lost na hope

time fi stop dem trick we

step out a di slavery

whola a lyrics full a bravery

inna mi flow

quick you get the meaning

Me nah need fi tell no secret

buss a blank if unno leaving

start your trip if you nah did yet

revolutionary teachings

walking on your journey

from di night till a morning

take your time now

me talk ‘bout a global warning

Be My One

Give me a chance to be your one
Let me just explain what I feel
Whe you pass around di corner I Feel my body get warmer
You’re moving pon the flow Whole heap a men ah get mad
got no doubt you’re my one We two alone a wha me waan
Me hope yuh like me too kas I really like you overstand
seh Me nah falling down Ma nah full of your love yet
ARAWAK and FORELOCK ah follow the right groove yeh
(hear me sayin)
Love you gyal ah love you love you well ah say hold on
Gimme one chance and mi heart ah go burn

Woman me need your Smile I Really love your style
Look me deep Inna me eyes if you nah waan me fi die!
Said me need your touch should start dis approach
I swear me nah go leave you for a while
Girl You’re Everday in a my Mind
even when the night ah meet the light
Love it come a zillion words me haffi
write dem inna line Girl you’re so divine
Me love it a go twine you
Two of us together like the stars inna di sky enuh

Girl you’re all I need
When you here with me
Cyaan say what I feel and i don’t know why
When you Spend some time with me
Smile continually
I know I Got troubles in my life but I don’t mind
(That’s the reason why me ask you)


Come mek we jump on a dis ya bandwagon

Steel pulse flip on Di beat it a hit me harder dan a weapon

Bass line ah drop on the top of me ego

Dubmaster him waan fi boss a Likkle more da space echo

Yuh mussi Mad fi Block your legs Give a your body a real chance

No stress, no break, gwaan feeling like dancer

Streakly rub a dub vibes me nah aks nothing else

Well if yuh Ready join dis trend wave your hands Up sing that with us


Rockers bandwagon Is the fashion that’s going around Dubmasters back in town with the fashion that’s going around


FORELOCK SPEACH: “YO YO easy engeneer hold on a second ka dem still nah realize wha gwaan yah so… this ya celebration thing not a featuring you know wha I mean..??


Why dis music catch we we nah know still

why when it on me cyaan tun off we nah know still

said rub a dub it a mi food that’s why mi belly big

“dig the music mistah dj” me stil feel a trill

me aks di taxi driver drive me to di steel pulse gigg

him must respect di dreadlocks dem if waan me pay the bill

bingly bang style me nah waan more fi deal with

Said if you waan fi join we need fi get just a bag weed

New Chapter Of Love

I&I, Me and my worries

under the tree of my life

I’m writing a new chapter of me

I’m writing a new chapter of love


Write down some Lines and Chilling Inna back Yard

Feel all the fyah burn deep in my heart

Changes ah gwaan while life things get more hard

Breath meditate prepared fi di rise up I-nity me say now


A revelation time dubbing my heart and my mind

Mi masta tell to me well

spit outta vibes

addi inimitable twice

we pon the line

none a dem even knows a we

ready fi shine

I&I me and my worries under the tree of life

two burning flames Forelock meets Andrew-I

from the grave yard to alambic ready fi shine

dance we a dance level vibe


Outta di city me a seh out a di noise

Mister music FULL Up mi life

and and gimmi di strength fi chase mi choice

Dub master dub it hard him only know seh wah me waan

Houl and pull up upon di bobble Me a go bubble with na baal

rise and shine like di sun right afta rain a fall

Born fi rock in to dis beat me an andrew I ah keep IT hot

Love Is what wha we haffi start from Worries Dem never push me down so


Fenomenal let me tell you some few words bad bwoy a criminal

maybe you don’t know that is started a new exodus

table guy behind a your plexiglass

me don’t know let me know whe you going

and what you’re searching for

trust me now is the case you haffi ear me

you cyaan kiil me no

just I am BOOM!! already deado

we nah afraid o

Jha know me sheperd

and his majesty my savior

tuff like the ranking when him sang kill me dead’o

Mother's Blood

Let me think about everything you gave me

True love alone you kept fi educate Me

From the pain during my birth fi create me

To the joy a di moment you sow me

Let me think and write down lines me go chant dem

How a mother’s love ah blessed dis ya anthem

All your efforts grown me tuff like a mountain

A shining future inna mi life you ever wanted!

So I would say…


Me cyaan forget those days

Same blood in our veins

Me left you for my way

Mama I love you so..


Only you shown me

Things dem me would never see

“You’ve placed di eyes depon mi face”

that wha you used to say

Eventhough me gwaan

troddin on my journey

me smile because you still

ah give me worning

Wrote depon my mind

this song for you

that me a go singing now…

A Wha We Ah Wait For

How much people dem use to say
“I will do it tomorrow”
tell me now
wah you’re waiting for?

You’re blocked inna ya entiere life
dem locked up all your bright sight
you cyaan see by your real side
dem fucked up all you mind while
you need fi realize lies
before dem get too big sized
rise up nah joke got no hope
so don’t stay down round the clock
we need to run faster
than the blood suckers
don’t think seh we a youngstars
over system me a di blaster
with truth me solve disasters
well me come fi aks yuh
if tomorrow it’s nah di answer
I man a tell yuh

you need a rest?
while your life dem waan fi waste
aks me wah di best
I man beg you seh do not tell me seh you stressed
today you coulda have success tomorrow you’ll do a mess
with di hand depon you chest
you ah go confess your guiltiness yess
people dem like chess powns
look ya babylon press’ trhone yes!!
your falliments grown
the parliment crown
people outside a bum around
and we a get hold till the time will gone
go depon you own skills
chase you choises
never desist


Jah me seh
Born outta generation lost me ah say yeah
We’re Full a hope that’s why we are still deh yah
Walk through the lines where we’ve learned ‘bout love yeah
Love is a teaching coming from above yeah
Yah so me grown with a deep love team yeah
Each one teach one and keep up dis gear
Nobada ah lost kas unity we share
Nah need no fisical strenght we nah care kas we are…

Me nah look fi material thing me and me breadreans fight fi that
Me talk to new generation of love aks dem a wha we matter
We know the way cause we ah di fire starter
Soul it ah Burning burns deep Inna your Heart
Push we straight inna line with nah turn back
Soldiers a di love army called Arawak
Guns dem me nah need when me ah behind mi team
real thing indeed we bring and no violence inna ring
fi win we fight love giving!

hear dubfiles its coming over
Respect fi Bovell real King fi those rockers!
I&I ah blaze up fire pon eaters
Forelock and Arawak you hear through the speakers!